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Letter From The President

Letter From The President
It is a privilege for me to serve as the Windsor/Windsor Locks Club president for Rotary year 2015-16. Since I am still fairly new to the Rotary, only joined a few years ago, I am still learning the true meaning of being a Rotarian and what it takes to live up to our four way test. Is it the truth; is it fair to all concerned; will it build good will and better friendships, and be beneficial to all concerned. Two and a half years ago when I was asked to be the Vice President for 2014-15, the idea of being president seemed so far away.
However, that time has arrived, and I am ready to lead our organization on to bigger and better accomplishments. We had a very good year in 2015-16, and I will need to go some to improve over what was accomplished during this year. One thing I have learned over the last few years is that I can count on my brother and sister Rotarians to join in to make this coming year one of the best years of our club.
We have a big task ahead since over the last few years our membership has been declining. It will take all members to help turn the declining membership around. I know we are not the only service club in town that has this problem, but let’s make an effort going forward and show the other clubs what Rotarians are made of and change the direction we are heading in.
Let us remember that our club has a lot to be proud of on the local and International levels such as:
School Scholarships to graduating seniors in each of the three towns we service
Contributions to the local food banks and Food Share
Support to the local robotics team
Student of the month awards
Financial donations to town organizations and other service clubs
Various projects at Northwest Park and the annual fair

In addition our club supports the Rotary International organizations with some of their international projects such as clean water and sanitation, the fight to eradicate polio, and other world disasters from time to time.

We enjoy the opportunity of helping our communities and the enjoyment of many good friendships that we develop as we work and have fun together. I look forward to having the opportunity to lead such wonderful Rotarians over the year ahead. I also look forward to meeting all the potential new Rotarians I am sure you will bring to our meetings.

Dennis C. Guay

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